InfoPath 2010 – Hide control base on other field input

How to hide a control or particular section in SharePoint form base on other field input? Can be done easily using InfoPath 2010, using Rule.

First, I have a drop down list control with choices of “Yes” or “No”.Then I have another section which consist a date picker. That section with date picker shall only be appear if the drop down list is selected as “Yes”. When the form load, the date picker shall be hidden. For the section I want it to be hidden, I use a Section as container, put few text and a date picker inside it. Next are the steps to configure “Rules”.

1. Select the section and Manage Rules from the Home toolbar.

2. Click on New and select Formatting.

3. In the Condition, set this rule: <DropDownList> is not equal to “Yes”.

4. Check on Hide this control. Done.

Just a simple scenario. The rule can be flexible as long satisfy the condition to hide the section or a control. This method also can be useful to do other type of formatting such as changing the colour of particular text.

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