Azure 70-532 Revision Day 1

First step to configure custom domain name and minimize downtime during implementation

Verify you own the domain name. Create CNAME record that resolves to awverify subdomain. – Azure can validate you own the domain and can make changes to DNS zone file.

Ensure all traffic to custom domain name uses SSL only by modifying web.config file for the web app. Browser shortcuts updated automatically

action type=Redirect – direct traffic to new URL

appendQueryString=”true” – links and shortcuts may contain query string

redirection type = Permanentsupported browsers update shortcuts and favourites, next request should maintain same redirection

Collecting live stream from logs


Configure standard app service plan scale out setting

  1. Open app service plan in Azure Preview Portal
  2. Choose scale by schedule and performance rules
  3. Add scaling profile
  4. Add scaling rule
  5. Choose HTTP Queue Length

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