Azure 70-532 Revision Day 2

Check Service Availability

Endpoint monitoring allow configure HTTP or HTTPS URLs that can be monitored from up to 3 different geographic locations.

Capture runtime application errors

Application logging – incudes application level logging either to file system, table storage, or blog storage.

Deploy Azure WebJob package and configure to execute daily

  1. Get-AzureWebSiteobtain reference to site
  2. New-AzureWebSiteJobdeploy the zip file containing WebJob package
  3. New-AzureSchedulerJobCollectioncreate collection of Azure WebJobs
  4. New -AzureSchedulerHttpJobschedule WebJob has HTTP actions
  5. Interval 1-Frequency Daydaily

Implement administrative monitoring for VM high CPU usage

Alert rule – can be configured to send email  and to trigger disc activity read/write, network send/receive, and CPU thresholds.

Setting up Azure Traffic Manager

  1. New-AzureTrafficManagerProfileCreate a profile which provides parameters for domain to be managed and LoadBalancingMethod to be used.
  2. Add-AzureTrafficManagerEndPoint – adding endpoints to direct traffic to
  3. Set-AzureTrafficManagerProfileapplies settings in profile and activates profile.

Entity framework class for connection resiliency strategy

DbConfiguration class has a SetExecutionStrategy method that enables control over retry logic via IDBExecutionStrategy Interface.

Configure logging operations for storage service

Set-AzureStorageServiceLoggingProperty configures logging operations for storage service.

  • Service Type
    • Blob
    • Table
    • Queue
    • File
  • LoggingOperations
    • None
    • Read
    • Write
    • Delete
    • All

External identity provider

Create Access Control namespace. – Azure app uses Access Control Service (ACS) to authenticate users using token provided by external identity provider (e.g: Google, Facebook) or from other identity providers such as Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS).

Add WS-Federation identity providers custom identity providers that support the WS-Federation protocol

Add cloud service web role as a relying party application – relies on identity provider to authenticate users.

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