Azure 70-532 Revision Day 7

Reduce time to start Azure Service Fabric app debugging in development

Right-click Local Cluster Manager > Switch Cluster Mode > click 1 Node

1 Node Mode, app need only be deployed once before can debug it.

Run a query to retrieve all entities from Azure storage table by using Azure Storage Client

  • Instantiate TableQuery class
  • Instantiate DynamicTableEntity class

Regenerate storage keys

  1. Configure connection strings in config files to reference secondary key. – users continue to access storage
  2. Regenerate primary key. – old key no longer allow access
  3. Configure connection strings in config files to reference primary key.
  4. Regenerate secondary key.

Bounded Staleness Consistency

Can be replicated to multiple Azure regions, can read and write data rapidly.

Create Site-to-Site (S2S) VPN so on premises users can connect to intranet

  1. Create Gateway Subnet.
  2. Create Virtual Network Gateway.
  3. Create Local Network Gateway.
  4. Configure on-premises VPN device.
  5. Configure Site-to-Site VPN connection.

Retrieve approx length of Azure Queue

Get Queue Metadata return header a response header that includes x-ms-approximate-messages-count attributes

Get Queue Service Stats – return replication status when geo-replication is enabled.

Get Queue Service Properties – return the properties that have been set on queue service, including settings related to logging and metrics collection  and Cross-Origin Resource (CORS) rules.

Peek Messages – retrieve messages from queue without changing visibility

Add events to Azure Event Hub

  1. NamespaceManager.CreateEventHubIfNotExists() to create event hub. – ensure do not receive exceptions should the Event Hubs restarts
  2. Use static EventHubClient.Create() to create event hub client. – to interact with Event Hubs service
  3. Create EventData object for every event that want to be recorded. – add message to event hub
  4. Call EventHubClient.Send() with a partition key that is unique to the client. – key is hashed to determine the partition to add message to

Sharing policy that allow to revoke access to a project if link is compromised

Create a separate blob containerlimit which members have access.

Create a shared access policy on project blob container and generate a shared access key- define constraints, such as permission and the time period over which shared access key remains valid. If policy constraints changed, changes will be propagated to shared access key. If policy removed, shared access keys will be revoked.

Generate ad hoc shared access keysvalid for the time specified when generate it, can revoke it only by changing storage key.