SharePoint change Save button to Send

This is quick workaround to change the default “Save” button to “Send” or any word, in the default SharePoint list form such as newitem.aspx.

1. Go the Edit mode of the form. (List Tools(Ribbon) > Form Web Parts > Default New Form)

2. Add a Content Editor Web Part and enter the following java script.

<script type="text/javascript">
function changeSaveButton()
 var inputs = document.getElementsByTagName("input"); 
 for(i = 0; i<inputs.length; i++) 
  if(inputs[i].type == "button" && inputs[i].value == "Save") 
   inputs[i].value = "Submit"; 


3. Save and done.

No need InfoPath. No need SharePoint Designer.

SharePoint Default List Form and InfoPath


Require custom Display form, remain default New and Edit item form for a SharePoint custom list.


Create custom InfoPath form to replace default DispForm.aspx.


SharePoint list automatically associate edit form from InfoPath. Using SharePoint Designer to set the default form does not work.


  1. Go to List Settings > Form Settings > choose “Use the default SharePoint form” without checking “Delete the InfoPath Form from the server”. This will reset the list to use back all the default form.
  2. Go to SharePoint Designer, select displayifs.aspx and Set as Default. This will set the InfoPath form as the default display form.