Azure 70-532 Revision Day 9

Perform a point-in-time recovery for database

Start-AzureSqlDatabaseRestorecreates new copy of database. User SQL Server Management Studio to access deleted customer data and create script that will restore it to live database.

Add Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) rule to Storage Account Blob Services that host images.

Web browsers implement same origin policy rule for requests for a single web page. It prevents call to different domain. For e.g.: original page in domain and the storage account in Add the CORS rule to destination domain to overcome the restriction.

Obtain message from Storage Queue

  1. Use CloudStorageAccount.Parse() to create CloudStorageAccount object. – pass the storage account connection string to this method will return a CloudStorageAccount with correct credentials.
  2. Use CloudStorageAccount.CreateCloudQueueClient() return CloudQueueClient object to perform queue tasks such as creating queues and retrieving messages.
  3. Use CloudQueueClient.GetQueueReference() to obtain the queue.
  4. Use CloudQueue.GetMessage() to obtain next message in queue to work on and de-queue it.
  5. Call CloudQueueMessage.DeleteMessage() – remove the message so it does not reappears in queue after 30 seconds by default.

Azure AD B2C sign in policy (b2c_1_sign_in)

Trigger OWIN challenge and pass the name of policy.

HttpContext.GetOwinContext().Authentication.Challenge(new AuthenticationProperties(){RedirectUri = “/”}, “b2c_1_sign_in”);

Create shared access signature URIs for blob and manage them independently for each service.

Create a stored access policies for container.

Upload VHDX file so it can be used as disk attached to a virtual server in Azure Iaas

  1. Convert the file to a VHD file.  – Azure does not support VHDX or dynamic-sized disks.
  2. Run Add-AzureVHD cmdletAutomatically convert the dynamic-sized to fixed-size disk and upload a VHD to Azure blob storage.

When batch of documents added to Azure Search index during a time of intense demand, some documents do not complete indexing

IndexBatchException is raised.